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Carbolin 19


anyone used Carbolin 19.

is it natural.

what was the outcome.





The outcome was that I suddenly learned how to use the search function!


The stuff works but geez... how can you be lazy enough that you can't even answer whether or not it is natural.


my pc dosent let me use the search on this site. firewall or something.


Try turning off your pop-up blocker when clicking the "Search" button, or simply holding the CTRL button on your keyboard. This can help to get the SEARCH function to work properly


Why don't you guys just answer his questions??

While i understand the value of the search feature and learning how to use it... he asked YOU, THE PEOPLE OF THIS WEBSITE, if YOU had used it before and how the results were. This stuff isn't cheap for some of us and we don't want to blow our money. Stop being shitheads to EVERYONE that has a question on here.


Because there are other threads containing useful information. Why start YET ANOTHER one? Or did you just want me to give him a meaningless one-sentence answer?

Besides, when you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; when you teach a man to fish...

Or to put it more bluntly, he needs to get off his ass and do a little legwork of his own.


Yes please just help answer his question so I too can learn something and maybe try it also


Dude, it's already been answered!


This thread:

is where I was hoping to hear from "experienced trainers" as far as what it is actually doing. Most seem to agree that it helps increase their appetites. I wouldn't exactly waste time listening to everyone just because they tried it. Nearly every newbie thinks everything on the market works as long as one of their friends at school told them so.


Just tell yourself it works. The "placebo effect" is about the most powerful thing on the market, and it will always be legal!