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Carbolin 19


It is supposedly stronger than anavar... can anyone attest to this?

Also (for T-Nation mods/whatever) when will it be back in stock?


It's stronger than 20mg of anavar per day. 20mg of anavar per day isn't a terribly effective dose HOWEVER Carbolin 19 IS a good supplement. Many people here like the results from a 'high' dose of it, such as 4 pills per day.

IIRC, it's also more effective the longer you use it, apparently. I only used it for 6 weeks or so back when it first came out.

If I had some more money on my hands, I'd use it again.


Thats cool. Yeah I just noticed the dosage of Anavar. Now I feel dumb for even posting this.

If they ever get it back in stock though, I will try it, maybe.

I will try the higher dosage.


I'm a loyal Biotest customer, and this is just my opinion, but I get the sense that the folks at Biotest are content to let Carbolin 19 and it's "better than Anavar" claims die.

We all know how fond they are of using product placement in their articles (which I'm perfectly ok with) and I can't remember the last time they mentioned this supplement.

In much the same way that squats and milk won't become less effective 10 years from now, a supplement that worked 5 years ago would still work today. If I had a product I was that happy about....I'd probably be marketing it more.


Actually that is not correct at all.

Personally I wouldn't have made the comparison to Anavar out of considering the history of how such claims have been perceived. A claim for a given, modest improvement in muscle mass can be fine, but if the claim is that that it is this same exact number but also that this is the same as or better than seen with an anabolic steroid at some low dose just is not taken well by many. And it did turn out that there has been some adverse perception that resulted. The facts were correct, but it's just not a "politically correct" (so to speak) way to discuss efficacy.

By no means are we dissatisfied with the compound. Very much the contrary.

The difficulty with the compound originated with an extreme forskolin shortage due to crop failure greatly affecting the entire worldwide market. Unfortunately, on resumption of supply of forskolin itself, we could not get manufacture of the carbonate restarted from the same manufacturer.

We have continued to pursue the manufacture of forskolin carbonate both in the United States and abroad. In fact just two days ago I was contacting yet another manufacturer about doing so.

Its manufacture is chemically simple in one regard, and not difficult for a skilled chemist with the appropriate facilities, but requires very special facilities and handling for manufacturing-scale quantities. Quite literally, a gas leak during the reaction could kill thousands of people. By the way this is by no means unique to forskolin carbonate: the same reaction conditions are true for many pharmaceutical drugs and other compounds. But it takes very serious, very dedicated chemical engineering to be set up to do this. You can't have two pals doing it in their basement.

We continue to work on it. It is not that we've given up, let alone that any disappointment has set in.


Oh wow thats very cool Bill thanks.

What exactly is the difference then with the forskolin in Alpha Male?


The forskolin in Alpha Male is a high quality forskolin extract. The milligram dosage has been greatly increased to compensate as best as possible for having to use the forskolin instead of forskolin carbonate.


Bill im by far not as knowledgable but can you in simple terms explain the difference between forkolin carbonate and the forskolin extract that is now in Alpha Male ? also you mention that there is a larger amount of the extract than in the previous version of Alpha Male , would this somehow compromize the effiency of the product at all ?

cheers the swede