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Carbolin 19

Just a short comment. I decided to try it for a month. Ended up a couple of pounds (not good, I’m still trying to cut to meet a weight class), but my bodyfat was down (enough that my wife remarked on it).

I’ve concerns about using it long term, so I’m stopping it for a while. Having used it for a month, I can also note that I suspect that it may well be the reason, if any, that Alpha Male has the effect it has.

Thank you for the report! :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to cut weight, why not use HOT-ROX?

Why are you concerned about using it long term?

Why do you think Carbolin 19 is the only compound in AM that does anything?

I took Alpha Male, and had similiar results back in the summer. My T is generally fine w/o the boost, so I am interested in the Carbolin 19 by itself or how it works with the HOT-ROX…

And to add, I am pretty sure Carbolin 19 is okay to take all the time, there is no need to “cycle” or take a break from it. Actually, I remember reading it works better with time, the longer you are taking it.

I’m having a doubt, I want to lose weight and I am in doubt about which product I will buy. Which of these two is better to lose weight, Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX Extreme? I saw that the HOT-ROX has Carbolin 19, is true? Can I take both at the same time or is not necessary or inappropriate? Thank you!

I take both at the same time but I am a low-responder to forskolin or forskolin carbonate. For most, HRX has what seems right dose of forskolin carbonate for them.

An exception is that HRX shouldn’t be taken close to bedtime because of interfering with sleep, while some can take Carbolin 19 without it interfering with their sleep. In this instance, taking a dose of Carbolin 19 before bed – but not during the day at the same time as the HRX – may improve results.

If wanting to lose substantial fat weight I’d go with the HRX. If you’re talking dropping just a few pounds of fat in no big rush, and think it would be great to possibly gain a little LBM at the same time, I’d go with the Carbolin 19.