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Carbolin 19 WORKS!


I'll admit, it took a while to see changes, but I'm somewhere around my 6 week mark and I can see where it has helped.

Strength - seems slightly up on some lifts

Endurance - no change

Muscle size - Big change

Bodyfat - no change (diet didn't help)

My diet - very inconsistent, good then bad

My workouts - about 3 times per week average with lots of compounds

Let me add that any change I've noticed cannot be attributed to a great diet or optimal training. I have traveled much the last 2 months and my training has been all over the place, diet has suffered not only in quality but quantity at times.

I have noticed that my leg size has stayed constant despite reducing the volume in half and only training them once per week

I have noticed that my back/detls/arms/traps have grown significantly... I don't get it because I have not targeted traps or back with any special emphasis or extra work at all - especially my traps. I haven't shrugged in months.

My chest has taken on a much more full appearance, more macho.

I soooo wish I could've maintained an actual consistent program with a solid diet. Some days I doubt I was getting even .75g/lb protein. I feel ashamed of my diet.

Carbolin 19 would have to be a valuable addition to a well structured plan if it worked this well for me on a haphazard, frequently interrupted approach.

Just like TC says, wait at least 4 to 6 weeks to get results. I still have another bottle and a half left, so hopefully I can turn the tables with my training and diet for more results.


How many capsules did you take per day?


Sounds good...Please share your dosing protocol. cheers


I actually have noticed pretty good results with the supplement in just a few weeks, but I had a fairly strict diet at the time. I think that really is the key- no matter what supplement you take, if your diet isn't on target you might as well not waste the time or money on the supplements until it is.


I've had great things happen when I added Methoxy-7.


I will agree with you, it does work. I've been on it for 3 weeks exactly today, and my diet/program is pretty dialed in.

I eat 3500-4500 calories per day, and I find the timing is more important than the exact amount. I'm 182lb right now, I was a little under 160 3 months ago.

[skip this paragraph if you don't care about my diet] Huge "Waterbury" shake upon waking (1c cottage cheese, 2 bananas, 1/2-3/4c oatmeal, 1.5-2c milk, 40g protein via powder, some greens mix) usu. English muffin or bagel w/ peanut butter also, sometimes snack before lunch, eat two lunches (basically two large sandwiches spaced out a couple hours), PWO Surge, large dinner (two dinners if not two lunches), big shake (1-2 bananas, 1c cottage cheese, 40g protein, milk) before bed. Fish oil. Creatine. Vits. That's about it.

At any rate, I feel stronger (haven't retested 1rms though) and my back has become a lot bigger (traps, lats, and upper/lower back have grown a lot since I started the Carbolin 19). I can't wait to see where I am after 12 weeks on this...if only they'll restock it before I run out! :-p


Your diet plan looks simple but effective. Thanks for sharing it with everyone, think I'll give it a try.



I was kind of hoping someone would actually have something to show that it works (like increased lifts or actual measurements), other than "I feel like it does."


It's hard to completely attribute something to a supplement, because with hard work and eating, you should be making some progress anyway.

However, as I've said elsewhere, Carbolin 19 makes me hungrier. During a recent bulk I used it, ate like an animal, and pretty much was able to maintain my level of bodyfat while adding mass.

Can I tell which part is Carbolin 19 and which part is my hard work and eating a lot? No. Do I believe it works? Yeah. Will I continue to use it when bulking? Certainly.


Carbolin 19 definitely increased my energy levels. I really was not tired and stopped taking daytime naps while taking Carbolin 19. Spike should be a real treat once I get my hands on some.


Dont mean to hijack but I ordered Carabolin-19 to an Ontario (Canada)adress. Is there any problems bringing it into Canada. Sorry I tired searching but could not find anything.



Although this has been discussed Ad Nauseum on this forum, it bears repeating. When introducing a new supp into your diet, it's a MUST to keep all variables consistant to what you were doing PRIOR to starting the supp.

It's amazing how many people start a new supp, coincident with modifying their diet, revamping their training routine, start ANOTHER new supp, etc...

Then, then try to attribute benefit OR lack there of, to the new supp. I absolutely believe that Carbolin 19 is effective for optimizing body-comp, but Forskolin/colforsin is something that needs to be taken for AT LEAST 12 weeks (in my experience)in order to derive discernable BODY COMP benefits.


Maybe this kid got bigger from working out and eating? Just a thought...


I would love to see some pics of a Carbolin 19 cycle with little/no change in training and diet. A good amount of people that reviews it said that it didnt work...but their diet was shit during the time. So that doesn't really count in my book. I have 3 bottles ready to go, so maybe I'm just the guy for the job.


I have been using Carbolin 19 since January. Now, I have added Alpha Male since about the beginning of March. During just the segment with only Carbolin 19 my appetite went up. Energy levels began going up in small increments, and my recovery seems better now. I hope it comes back into stock so I don't run out.


I feel the same way. I need more evidence. The fact that I haven't fully dialed in my nutrition is also motivation for me to wait before trying it.


A couple issues...

1) I don't think many of us are in a position to produce lab like results in terms of variable control and so on.

2) I can point to gains, but I was bulking for the winter, so while I've gained LBM and set new PR's while using Carbolin 19 I can't give you precise percentages.

All I can really do is suggest that based on my own previous efforts, I find Carbolin 19 helps me eat enough to put on mass and at the same time I seem to stay leaner than I otherwise would.

If you are planning on doing some bulking, perhaps try it and see if you get your own anecdotal evidence?


I would love to see some people who have tried it out during a gasp maintenance pahse. No emphasis on gaining or losing weight and see what kind of results it produced.

The lab report that was published on this site earlier in the year made the product sound pretty extraordinary. The results sounded exciting, but no one has reported anything like that yet.


I was not bulking or cutting. I was just trying to keep up with my workouts as much as possible. My diet was nothing special and I was averaging maintenance calorie levels.

My training had no real specific goals. I was just going in there and doing upper body, then lower body, then upper body etc... I was working out between 2-4 times per week. Traveling heavily and sleeping badly many nights.

Muscles were getting bigger without even trying.

I've been lifting for 5 years now and I can tell you that I would know if it were my workouts or nutrition causing the improvements. The supplement caused improvements in spite of bad diet and sub par, sub-consistent training.

My bench press went up 20 lbs the last few weeks and I haven't even really tried to get it up. I bench about 1x per week for 5 sets.

My 1 arm barbell snatch went up 15 from 115 to 130.

You don't have to believe me. I'd put before and after pictures up, but I don't have any batteries in the camera and honestly I'm tired right now.

Goodnight all!


Im almost through my third and final bottle. I did 1 month on 2/day, the rest doing 4/day. While I didn't notice huge gains in size, my shoulders filled out a bit (was doing thibs shoulders overhaul) and now my posterior delt is actually visible, lol.

I have been keeping a bw/bf log, which I will gladly post when im done. I cant tell you if the gains I made were from Carbolin 19 or not, but I've never been able to row more than 90lbs with good form (been lifting more sensibly for 2 yrs now, was a complete idiot before, but still the pulling never budged). In the past month Ive added 50lbs to my rows. Take it for what you will.