Carbolin 19: When Will It Be Back In Stock?

Hi Biotest,

I’ve been having good results with Alpha Male, in the past. Way better than with Tongkat Ali and Tribulus alone. Since I think that’s due to combining Carbolin 19 with TA and T, I’d like to try Carbolin 19 on its own.

Also, this way I’d be able to have Carbolin 19 in my system during the 2 Alpha Male off days recommended per every 7 days. Compared to other Forskolin supplements - and I’ve tried a lot - the Carbolin 19 contained in Alpha Male is way more effective in terms of increased motivation.

Also, it doesn’t give me the side effects I usually get from regular Forskolin supplements: hyperthyroid peak that leads to my being unusually easily irritated, followed by being tired and bloated a few hours later.

I think that might be due to a throttled-up thyroid that pumps out too much T4, followed by lots of cortisol being used up to shuttle the resulting T3 into the cells. The sustained release effect of Carbolin 19 seems to avoid that. Wish I had tried Carbolin 19 back in the day.

Will Carbolin 19 be back in stock this year?



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Carbolin 19 is expected to be back in stock in 8-10 weeks.

Cool, good to know it hasn’t gone anywhere.