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Carbolin 19 vs HOT-ROX


This is my first post but ive been a 'lurker' for quite a while now and have found t nation an invaluable resource.

I apologise if this question has already been answere or indeed the facts stare em in the face and Im not seeing them. Ive read many of the pages on this Carbolin 19 and read through the HOT-ROX page aswell however I cannot make my mind up at all.
I am not a bodybuilder and train predominantly for strength, I have been on a bulking diet for quite a while and ahve made some decnet gains, however id like to get a little more defined during summer for the new uni term.

I have not been doing much cardio recently because i shattered my ankle in a rugbny match a few months ago and have just started to be able to run wiht it. Hopefully I will returnto boxing in the summer.

My question is- which is better Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX- I want to continue making streength and muscle gains whilst leaning out. Value for money also comes into the equation for me as well. PLus will intense cardio and weight training whilst taking any off the two supplements be detrimental to gains?
Thanks in advance,

p.s. Im assumiung both are legal in the UK?


Pick a Goal then the supp.

Gains and possible leaning with good diet Carbolin 19.

Lean out and preserve strength slight gains MAYBE diet and training dependent. HOT-ROX.

Both are great for what they do IMO.


I guess my goal wpould be to bulk to a good size and then lean out in the summer. Based on your response I think HOT-ROX would be best suited to my needs.

My next question would be how effective is HOT-ROX, along wiht decent diet and good training is it reasonable to cut 20- 25 lbs in three months?