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Carbolin 19: Using Questions?

I had a question for someone who is more knowledgable about the science behind this product than I. I don’t want to keep bothering Cy so I thought someone here might answer.

When are you supposed to use a product like this? What does it do? How is it different than MAG-10? I am currently trying to lose body fat while maintaing my LBM. Should I take something like Carbolin 19 while doing T-Dawg 2.0? On a maintenance level calorie intake? High caloric intake? Remember, my goal right now is to lose fat for the summer, as I want to bulk up for football towards the end.

I don’t know any more than you, but this sounds like what you (and everyone else for that matter) is looking for.

So instead of “bulking” and “cutting” all the time, you set yourself at a maintence level and do both at the same time.

at least that is my understanding.

the article discussion answers all of these questions and more.