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Carbolin-19 Update?

With the free giveaways, and future release of Grow! Bars, it seems like the release of Carbolin-19 has fell by the way side. Any information regarding present, or future plans for this supplement would be greatly appreciated.

No information here, but we are talking about T-Nation/Biotest - hardly anything falls by their wayside.

February’s winding down so hopefully we’ll see it or some info on it within a week.

Still trying to figure out exactly what it does.

[quote]kurmatt wrote:
Still trying to figure out exactly what it does.[/quote]

Took my words!


Just spoke to customer service.

Shawn there said there is not a definitive date set for the release of Carbolin-19. He only said that it would not be very soon.

Told me to keep watching the site. :slight_smile:

It sucks but that is from the mouth of CS.


Thanks for the update GreenGoblin.
That is indeed…how shall I put it…SHITTY!!

It makes me sad that this product that has been postponed seemingly twice. I know that it will be a great product…thats what’s keeping me checking every day for it to be released. I know i’m good for a few bottles.

Guys, come on! Get a grip!

For one thing, we had its effects explained by Cy a couple months ago, in a thread called “Quick Survey” that went on for weeks, it seemed.

And Cy may be an expert on biochemistry, but that doesn’t mean he has any insight to actual production schedules.

Okay, Tim recently said “soon,” but consider that this has been in production for years, and “soon” is a relative term.

Heck, you’d think that Grow! Bars were ready for release, since they just gave away 300 six-packs, right? Well I just got mine today, and the wrappers are simple foil with dot-matrix production code printing on them, and the 8.5x5.5 promo advert included in the box was printed on an Epson. We’re eating Grow Bars, and they’re still just in the “almost ready” stage. Either the marketing department has really let itself go, or these things just take time.

With the best will in the world, things in production can go wrong. Not enough materials (packaging, ingredients), especially when you rent production facilities.

And if you had several products that were all coming to completion at the same time, there’s NO WAY you’d release them to the public all at once, or even weeks apart. Your resources have to be distributed carefully–materials costs, advertising costs, etc. Also, you need to gauge the public’s ability to focus. Your product needs time to get firmly ensconced into the cultural consciousness; if it’s still in the “novelty” stage, and you release something new, the attention goes there instead.

Think about how often you read about people having to save up to buy Biotest stock. If Carbolin-19 were released this month, just as the bars came out, people would have to decide where their funds would go first.

It’ll all happen. Give it time.

Thanks TShaw for saying what I was just about to post.

TShaw, don’t forget that Shugs has been taking Carbolin-19.
For one thing.

Other than that, I’m glad to have an expert in this stuff in our midst.

I told you guys, you should have voted for Carbolin-19 :slight_smile:

I’d still rather have the Grow! bars. :slight_smile:

Ah forget you bro’s! Acting as if I was salivating at the mouth for this stuff. I simply asked for an update, on the status of the product. Something regarding Carbolin-19(information or whatever) was supposed to arrive late February. Looks like I got the information that was promised, although not what I wanted to hear. My curiosity has been satisfied.
I for one, voted for Carbolin-19.

UPDATE: Carbolin-19 has been cancelled and will never be released So stop worrying about it and go lift, set a new PR or something.

Come on, take your sarcasm somewhere else man. But, you’re right…I do need to go train!