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Carbolin 19 Timing

When should one take it? Alone or with food? It doesn’t say on the bottle…

Also, I’m 115 lb female - should I be taking 2 pills twice a day or just 1 pill twice a day?


i was under the impression that the bottle gave a male female recommendation so go with whatever it says

if it doesn’t mention alone or with food assume either is ok… but i prefer to take all my pills with food… i dont think the speed of absorption is particularly important with this supplement since its not meant to have any immediate effects which is why i dont think it is listed on the bottle

Cy says:

[i]1. I’d probably avoid using it with Spike, and with HOT-ROX, I explained that on another post. Everything else is fine.

  1. I’d take it with food, myself. [/i]


You’re welcome.

Thanks. So does it have caffiene? Should I not take Spike at all when using it? I workout in the morning so I usually take Spike then workout. Should I now just take Carbolin 19?