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Carbolin 19 Timing?

Does anyone know what the optimal timing is for taking Carbolin 19 in relation to your workouts is?

In other words my workouts are typically late afternoon, early evening. If I take 2 capsules around 7am and another two around 1pm have the levels of the active ingredients in my bloodstream dropped to low by the time I workout or does it remain high for quite a while after.

I tried doing a search for this but couldn’t find any specific answers. Thanks!

I’m 99% sure it’s totally unimportant. Forskolin seems to support fat loss and preserve muscle because of its affect on thyroid, from my understanding. It’s not a stim, and doesn’t need to be timed that way. I’d just take your doses in the morning and evening to spread them out as evenly as possible. Also, I think it usually takes a few weeks for it to become ‘active’ - so give it a bit of time.

Given that it’s recommended to take continuously for a minimum of a month I would imagine that the timing in relation to your workout doesn’t particularly matter.