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Carbolin 19 Stimulation?

Does anyone else on her get stimulated? ie Spike like effects from Carbolin 19. I read on here where some people take this right before bed??? I dont know how you do it. Honestly I find myself over stimulated all day and night off just one pill.

I first thought well Im not used to it its been awhile since I took it, then I thought I need to get used to the dosage, but its been two weeks and it makes me not sleep at night. , kind of like yohmbine. I thought it was supposed to have low nervous system stimulation.

Like most things, I imagine it depends on the user and from what I’ve read of your posts you seem to respond to many substances very differently than the average trainee.

Yes, exactly. There’s considerable individual variation as to whether Carbolin 19-19 (or for that matter, forskolin itself for products that don’t have the improved delivery system) is CNS-stimulatory or not.

This is a reason why it’s always best to start new products at the lowest dose, in case of being individually more sensitive than usual.

Carbolin 19-19 is effective even if dosed only in the morning (though not as much so if dosed twice per day.) So it’s possible your difficulty could be solved that way.