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Carbolin 19 Stacks/Results?


Hey folks,

I've recently re-started training after about two years off of any real exersice to speak of (other than walking the dog and throwing baseball around every once in awhile). I also just started taking Carbolin 19 - a few days into my new routine. I've ALREADY noticed that I'm recovering faster, and generally just feel great. I also seem to be slimming up a bit - this stuff is AMAZING.

I'm wondering what kind of results you all have had with it, how long you used it for, what you stacked it with, and what your feelings on all this are.



I'm trying it for the first time as well!

Very curious after seeing other people rave.

This is my fourth day taking it, my first day of a real 4 pills a day dose.

Having lifted and tried supplements for many, many years i'm always curious (and very skeptical) about new supps.

Haven't seen/felt any effect yet but i'm going to be fair and give it a month.


Also, not to discredit the supplement, but if you are starting a new program and new diet after a long time off, i doubt your results have much to do with the Carbolin 19.

Not sure it would be that immediate.


heh, probably not, but I did have a few sessions prior to taking it, and once I did, that's when I noticed my body recovering much quicker. (as in, took ONE capsule, muscles hurt. six hours later, second capsule, and no more hurt.)

coincidence? well, maybe. we'll see how well it works out over time. From what I've read, it seems like it's supposed to be a cumulative, long term type thing.


I used it over this past summer for about 2 months. It definately began working well as I moved into month 2(meaning more noticable results) I wasn't too impressed after the first 2 weeks, but I took the advice of someone on this board and wound up very happy with it by taking it for an extended amount of time.