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Carbolin 19 / Spike / HOT-ROX


I have bought these products and I would like to know how to take these supplements the right way. I am female - 26 and weigh 145 - would love to get to 125.... Please help me get the most out of these products.. Thanks!


The thing is that when Spike first came out, Biotest was pretty adamant about not using it with HOT-ROX. Not too sure about Carbolin 19 never used it and really never had much desire to. If your looking to lose body fat I would definitely use the HOT- Rox first then use the Spike when you've reached your goal.


I currently use Carbolin 19 and Spike and have used HOT-ROX in the past and I have had great success just following the dosage recomendations on the labels. These Biotest guys really know what they're doing and You should be fine following the afforementioned prescriptions.

Also, if you aren't already, search here at T-mag for nutrition and exercise articles as this is by far the best place online for quality information and support. Good luck to you in your goals.


I believe in the Carbolin 19 thread its advised not to use with HOT-ROX.



I would recommend using each product at separate times.

Other than that, following the label recommendations is your best bet.


I found this today on a computer gaming forum:

"Biotest Spike

Has anyone tried it? It's a relatively new product that's designed to increase your concentration. I just bought my second bottle. It's absolutely incredible. I first tried it last summer when I was taking classes. At times, I studied for four or five hours without cessation.

You can read more about it here:


It's marketed for weightlifters; I originally saw it in Flex magazine. I've never taken it before the gym because I usually work out late at night and wouldn't be able to sleep afterward, but I've heard that it noticeably increases performance.

One really nice effect that it has on me is an improvement in how well I speak. Words flow a lot easier, and I'm more willing to spark up conversations with people who I normally wouldn't talk to. The guy who designed the product attributes it to an overall improvement in cognition.

Even us nerds need performance enhancement.


Correct. At first I refused to beleive it and tried it anyway. 3 days later I stopped combining the two. I felt, um ,.........well, just bad. Don't do it. Also, take it easy at first with the HOT-ROX. Take your time and get used to it. No rush.


Thank you guys for all the advice...!!