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Carbolin 19 Questions

I have two questions about Carbolin 19 that I couldn't find using the search.

1- Can it be taken with food.

2- Is there any real difference between
2 caps and 4 caps a day. I found something that said the effects would be the same, then I found something that said it was dose dependant. Any thoughts?


  1. I dont see how you could have a problem taking it with food. Just something with minimal fiber.

  2. It's supposed to depend on the person. Person A may have to use 4 caps, while B only needs 3. Even so, you'll still get results from either, I think dosage is more or less along the lines of how much reults you'll get.


Thanks For the reply. I tried it before at christmas for around 2 months. I used 2 caps a day and god was I ever hungry. I leaned out while eating crazy amounts of food and sitting on my ass for twice daily, 4 hour lectures.

I guess I'll do 2 caps a day and see how things go.