Carbolin 19 Question

Should this product even be considered during mass cycles? Or I am better holding off on taking this until I do some type of body re-composition program like CT’s carb cycling codox?

In Shugart’s new article on mass building he says its his #1 supplement for a mass program (besides Metabolic Drive). So I would say yes.

As far as an AAS mass cycle, I couldn’t tell you, but my best guess would be it is a minor thing in that mix.
If you are talking about a bulking or mass gaining phase, then yes, it is good for that. In fact, that is what I am doing now, and I am quite pleased.

Before you begin Carbolin 19 with your program, make sure you have everything set up and situated. That means your eating & lifting.

Many people complain that Carbolin 19 doesn’t work and it’s because of what I stated above.

I was on it for 4 months (4 caps daily) and I must say it did wonders for me. The only reason I don’t take it anymore is the cost. It’s 80 bucks a month if you’re on the full dosage!

It did a tremendous job with lifting (my maxes increased 10-25 pounds more than normally) and it also made me feel mentally more powerful.

Have fun and good luck!