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Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male Dosage


22 years old, standing at approx. 5'9" 181 lbs and probably 12% bodyfat, What amount of Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male could I take and see benefits I hear so much about?

Clearly there are levels just as anything (200 lb man isn't gona feel 3 drinks the way a 105 lb woman would), and I'm curious if I bought say a 6 month supply of Carbolin 19, but just used 2 caps a day for each bottle to last 1 month, would I see some pretty positive effects?

Same goes for Alpha Male, as it seems to be only 35 cents or so more expensive per day if use at 2 caps a day. However, I'm not sure I really need the added ingredients in it compared to Carbolin 19. Any thoughts on this??


Since you're only 22, I'd say your T levels are still pretty close to optimal. I'd suggest Carbolin 19, in that case.

35 cents a day for 6 months would save you more than 60 bucks.

As for dosing, obviously the highest dose would be optimal, but even the 2 a day is still a lot better than nothing at all.


rrjc5488, if a guy is 22 and has a midrange, say 500, test level and uses a product like Alpha Male to boost that to a higher 600 or 700 range it's going to benefit in terms of gains provided his nutrition and training are nails. Getting a bump in your T when your already pumping out a high level can be like a mild juice cycle without all the possible side effects or degradation of your natural test production.

OP, just try one twice per day and if it gives no result bump it to the full dose.

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If you have the money I would take the full dose of Carbolin 19. I've done a few runs of it and anecdotally get better results on the 4 pills per day. I would rather do the full dose for 3 months than half the dose for 6 months myself.

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