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Carbolin 19 On Off Days?

I started my Alpha Male cycle today - doing the 4/1 3/1 cycle.

Was wondering if on that one off day I should use my stand alone Carbolin 19 19? Since I’ve heard from many people that it needs to be in your system continuesly for results. Or should i just do the Alpha Male cycle like it was intended?

1 day of Carbolin 19 isnt going to do anything I would think. There is a reason for the Alpha Male cycling and I wouldn’t wanna mess that up with something else.

i cant see anything wrong with Carbolin 19 on your off days. it is supposed to be in your system continously. the Alpha Male on the other hand is cycled to create a (higher than normal) spike in your T. but on the other hand, Cy has said it’s ok to take the old AM continously. i dont see why it wouldnt apply with the new one either.

I wouldnt mind hearing from them on this, don’t want to hurt myself in any fashion.

[quote]Alex-P wrote:
should I use my stand alone Carbolin 19 19? [/quote]

Yes, ideally, but you don’t need to.

Carbolin 19 could (and probably should) be used for extended periods of time, continuously.

Taking a break from the Alpha Male every 5 days or so is a good idea.