Carbolin 19 on Get Shredded

would taking Carbolin 19 19 on Beradi’s Precision Nutrition and/or Get Shredded Diet have positive or negative effects? Its supposed to add muscle and help drop fat but i’m not sure if its something you should supplement with while trying to get leaner. Just curious, any opinions lemme know.

If you are trying to drop body fat I would say go with HOT-ROX Extreme, it’s got Carbolin 19 in it and the stuff works like it says.

Can’t hurt. There might be some issues with too much Carbolin 19 from the standalone and HRX. But I think those concerns are overblown personally. Unless your blood pressure naturally runs extremely low or you’re on blood pressure medicine. I don’t really see the point though. I think the HRX formula is adequate and has plenty of Carbolin 19 especially if you’re taking a dose of two pills 3x a day to approximate the 9 pills of Max Strength HOT-ROX that Berardi details. If you want to add anything beyond his recommendations which probably isn’t necessary, I would add TRIBEX to help keep T levels high during a period of severe caloric restriction.