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Carbolin 19 - My Summer Case Study


Alright, Here we go. I have 3 bottles of the bad boy and am going to be taking the MINIMUM dosage every day so that it will last 12 weeks. If the results are promising I will order more.

This will put me slightly under the dosage used in the study on Colforsin posted a while back, So I expect to see similar results.

I will be eating a maintenece diet and training with an upper/lower split twice a week. I am always interested in threads that assess the products I'm interested in so perhaps this will be of help to someone else. Anyone else using the product please feel free to time in, and I will also update the thread periodically.

Heres to my progress!


Good. I'll be following with intrest. I've been taking Alpha Male almost two weeks with a 5 on 2 off, and I'm curious to see the effects of the Carbolin 19 on my body comp. Im eating maintenance calories, and not doing anything new with my split, just a rotating 5x5 push/pull/legs. My diet stays consistent enough in terms of caloric intake, so I should be able to make some kind of determination as to it's effects. Keep us updated. Hopefully someone will chime in as to that study I posted the other day on the parent compound too.


I believe that was the same study mentioned in the article (found here in the archives) intitled "A Dramatic Carbolin 19 study"

It would be neat to get a couple of Carbolin 19 users in here documenting the experience. Just popped pill number 3 and all is well, except for the big ass steaks my dad is making... Doesn't he know im trying to maintain!??


I gave Carbolin 19 a shot a few months back at both the min and max doses.

The first month (at 2 caps per day) I gained 2 lbs lbm, fat remained stable, and lifts remained pretty normal.

at 4 caps per day I was no longer satisfied at ~3k cals/day and would go to sleep hungry. After the first few days I couldn't take it anymore, and just let my hunger dictate how much I ate.

In the next two months I gained 10 lbs LBM, 1.5lbs fat, and my lifts all shot up significantly. Deadlift/squat/row 3RM all went up 50-60lbs and by the end I was eating 4k cals per day. I'm still eating that much after running out of Carbolin 19, but my scale weight hasnt budged since. As a side note, all strength gains remained.


yknow, im finishing my second week, and ive just started to notice the same thing. 3k is my maintenance also, and I swear its like someone flipped an overdrive switch on this weekend. I feel like I haven't stopped eating all weekend, moreso than usual. No matter what I ate, in two hours i felt like i havent eaten all day. I guess i can attribute this at least partially to the Carbolin 19. good info bro.


ive been taking the minimum dose, combined with carnitine and trib, and have found a signifcant change in my body shape, alot tigher arounds the edges.

for the first week i was also taking creatine and not trib but found my muscle's were getting to tight and alot of muscle soreness.


Sounds like great results guys. Maybe I can placebo affect my way into great gains if the drug doesn't work! I expect fairly decent results now after reading these posts.

Any one else wanna post up?


Yours is an excellent idea! Thank you (in advance) for taking the time to post your results.



Are there any updates or did you guys give up already?


Ha... I have not given up. Still training hard and taking my Carbolin 19. Unfortunately there just isnt much to report after only one week.

An interesting thing did happen though. I bumped up my food intake slightly and I lost weight. I'm eating to gain size slowly right now so that was kinda frustrating, but I don't think it was muscle, so thats good.

I was planning on giving a one month update since the supp is recommended for at least that long. Too many variables in a single week though.


Other than an overall feeling of well being from the Alpha Male, it's still to early to tell as far as body comp. I feel like I look a bit leaner, but I have also been tanning and that brings out definition, so who knows. I couldn't imagine having anything else to report until at least the very end of the bottle, which is a bit over a months worth.

As far as the increased appetite it seems to have subsided, but the first two weeks or so on it I ate everything in sight and could never feel full. Almost like when you go thru phases where you know your growing, I can always tell when im hitting a growth spurt cause I feel the same way. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.


I took two bottles worth Carbolin 19. I had similar LBM gains and appetite increases when on the max dosage. It seemed to have little effects when on the min dosage.


Hmm... I may have to increase the 3 pills a day after my first bottle. That will give me 75 days on the supp, should be enough to judge efficacy.


I'm on week 3 of usage. I haven't really noticed significant body composition changes, but I'm with you guys on the appetite increase. I eat and eat and eat and I can never feel full.


I was just about to order some Carbolin 19 to start losing some of the fat I gained from bulking, so keep us updated! Anyone know if it can be stacked with Methoxy-7?


You may want to try the new HOT-ROX formula, it contains Carbolin 19 now as well as Biotest's A7-E which is suppose to burn fat. Couple that with the addition of Yohimbin and Raspberry ketone and it sounds like a good product.

I would imagine its better than "just" Carbolin 19... too bad I already had my bottles or thats what I would have done.


Alright, here are the results after 2 weeks:

The first week I actually weighed in a little less than the first week, which was a bummer. I increased food intake ever so slightly to see what would happen. I realize I said I was going to be going on a maintenace diet, but I trashed that idea in favor of a super slow bulking cycle to hopefully gain some muscle.

Week 0 - 171
week 1 - 170
week 2 - 172

The BF testing I do shows little to no change in body fat, and the numbers appear to be insignifigant so far, which was expected after only 2 weeks. However, 1 pounds every 2 weeks is my goal to gain, so I did hit that.

Week 12 goal - 175 <-> 178 with less body fat, that will show me the supp works as advertised. If I can gain weight and still lose body fat, that means a pretty decent LBM gain.

I will update again in another 2 weeks.

{Edit} - While I understand that losing fat and gaining muscle is a goal best left to newbies and steroid users, that is what the supplement claims to do. As such, I will be holding it to that standard to judge it, and I don't expect these kinds of results normally.


Are you only training 2 days a week, Lonnie? Why's that?


I don't know that I said that, if I did I will have to go back and change it.

I train with the following

Mon - Legs
Tues - Upper
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Upper

I like this split more than the others I have tried because it allows for a good amount of intensity, frequency, and a good recovery time.

Along with that I also do some accessory work at home most days (swimming, jumping rope, sometimes I do the Booster shots Chad wrote about). My job also keeps me on my feet walking around for a few hours a day.


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