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Carbolin 19 - Minimum Dosage


has anyone used Carbolin 19 and only done the min dosage of 2 pills a day? and if so, have you had any good results from it?


Why do the minimum? Is it a money thing? I have used Carbolin 19 before. I started with the minimum dose for a couple days before bumping it up to the recommended one. I got great results on that, but probably could have gotten decent results on the minimum. It depends on your goals.

I would have to say that Carbolin 19 is great when you've already reached a certian point in your training. I probably used it too early, and didn't get the full benefit of it. Make sure you are at a point where it will help you. If you are a noob enough, then just training and eating right will get you far better results than relying on a supplement. I'm actually not even at a point where I feel it would be beneficial again, or at least worth the cost.


I don't think there is a need to be using Carbolin 19 if you have been training for 2 years on and off. But if you are dead set on it, you are a big enough guy where the minimum dose probably would not be effective.


What are your goals? According to the most recent study published on colforsin the minimum dose would have great results. I'm a huge fan of Carbolin 19 but I've never used less than 4 caps a day so I can't comment on less personally.


I've used two a day just to try it out. Otherwise it's too expensive for me. I got pretty much zero out of it. Or perhaps I'm expecting too much. Either way I've swapped it for metabolic drive. The only growth supplement that actually works for me.


Swapping Metabolic Drive for Carbolin 19 in the first place wasn't the best idea to begin with.

Using Metabolic Drive/Protein Powders should be a base line and not swapped for another supplement


Using Metabolic Drive is not a base line, it's a supplement created for convenience. You're still better off with solid food.

Given that, I agree that swapping Carbolin 19 for Metabolic Drive was not appropriate, as it's like comparing apples to oranges. Carbolin 19 is for building and maintaining lean mass. Metabolic Drive is a protein supplement.

My guess to Eclectic is that you were just expecting too much out of the Carbolin 19. You really need to take the full dose, for a minimum of 30 days to see any real "benefit", and then if your diet and training is sub-par during that time you might as well not even take it.


In terms of supplements, it is absolutely a baseline. If you were to create a supplement pyramid, a high quality protein powder/MRP/etc would absolutely be at the base along with fish oil, flax seed, etc.


Damnit, did I actually just revert to the term supplement pyramid?

Anyway, I think we are on the same page - but my statements were misinterpreted.


No biggie, I know where you're coming from. I think it's just important to note the fact that supplements are not necessary if you can get enough nutrients from solid food.

And yes, you did say supplement pyramid. That would be interesting. I would like to see where all of Biotest's stuff falls on said pyramid. I would guess you'd have multiple pyramids depending on your goals.


I've used one capsule a day five days per week and it appears to help keep me leaner despite my numerous dietary indiscretions.

A 12 week forskolin study only used 50 mgs of forskolin a day, and that's probably not absorbed as well as the 20mg's of active ingredient in Carbolin 19.

In my opinion, if you have to choose, it's better to use a small amount of something for a longer period of time then to use the max dosage and not afford to be able to use it long enough to see results. Just give the body a little nudge, don't whack it with a sledge.

My $.02


I believe TC or Chris did a supplement pyramid article a while back.


True enough. I'm not comparing the two, I've just found that increased calorie intake is going to do more than another drug. I do plan to get my hands on some Carbolin 19 again in the future; I think it's just one of those things that needs to be used for longer periods of time before I can notice an effect.


Hmm, if adding protein to your diet acts as a "growth supplement" then you may find that you aren't eating enough to benefit from a supplement geared towards bulking.


Well, that's true. Protein powders are my way of making quick food. I've got a busy schedule most of the time, and rarely have the money to fork out on quality food so this kinda helps.

I'd be eating a lot more than I do now if it was affordable to me.