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Carbolin 19 Is Bangin'


Im new to Biotest products but about a month ago I decided to give them a try and buy some Carbolin 19. Ive cleaned up my diet eating every 2.5 hrs and took the first 1.5 weeks to raise my calorie intake 250 calories a day. I am about 3 weeks into it now and the results so far are pretty nice.

Ive only gained about 5 lbs but am now starting to notice small shifts in body composition. Now I know this could be a placebo cuz it has only been 3 weeks and ive been eating a strict diet, but what have you guys experienced after a 12 week cycle using Carbolin 19. Im also taking omega-3, multi-vit.


I ran a 4 week cycle when I was out of training because of an injury. It amazed me how much it helped out. It seemed like I kept almost all of my muscle. I also upped calories to maintain the muscle, and noticed that I still remained pretty cut, despite eating 500-1k over maintenance for 4 weeks without any lifting.


Its probably my favorite supplement at the store (I'm assuming Alpha Male is even more tits, but I'm pretty young so I havent tried it).

HOT-ROX is very nice as it gives you a good energy boost and has the Carbolin 19 in it.


For me, the Alpha Male was marginally better, but if I were to factor in the additional cost of the Alpha Male, I'd say that the Carbolin 19 is much better dollar for dollar.

Surge and Carbolin 19 goes pretty far for me.


I am always rolling with Carbolin 19 in one form or another (Alpha Male - HOT-ROX -alone) for the reasons you dudes have stated. It really kicks ass in terms of promoting and helping to keep gains. For me at least.