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Carbolin 19 Info



Mod Brian Im just after some more details about Carbolin 19 19. These seems to be very little on it apart from the release artical. Iv got 2 bottles in the transit as I type. So I just wanted to know should you follow up after taking it with any other Biotest products. say REZ V or ElitePro. (both I'v also ordered)

I Maybe over thinking but I like to do things right.

So 1. Does there need to be any post use cautions?
2. How does it work in the body to produce the effects it does or claims?
3. Will a higher dosing work better say 60-80mg insted of 40mg aday?
4. Will it work better with ElitePro or Rez-V, Or use them after?

Thanks in advance for your help. If anyone else has used it please let me know.

Thanks again

Mr Octurbo.


Did find this


and this


But yeah still would like to know about post use.


Does this product need to be cycled by any chance. Anything like Alpha Male Five on Two off?

Not alot of detail?

Any other people out there have any up to date info?


Micro-cycling isn't required for Carbolin-19, although I usually take a week or two off after 8 weeks of use.


Forskolin (to which Carbolin 19 converts in the body, but providing it in the carbonate form provides higher bioavailablity and much better duration of action) is a substance with a tremendous body of experience behind it because it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

At reasonable dosing, there are no health disadvantages, and there is no actual need to cycle.

However, as Mod Brian says, it's generally a good idea to periodically take some time off of anything. Whether it is done in the timeframe of many weeks on and then a week or two off, or a number of days on and then a day or two off.

It's not necessary in this instance but in general it's a good approach where something is a useful supplement, as opposed to a needed-because-of-disease-state drug. I also follow such an approach.

It does not have to be a specific or exact plan.



Thank you very much for your time.


You're very welcome!


Not to beat a dead horse.

But after reading TC's artical on fat loss and hormone profiles. I want to ask Would taking Carbolin 19 with Rez-V be better if you Then taking it at differnt times.

So 2 bottles of Carbolin 19 and Rez-V together


the two bottles of Carbolin 19 then once they run out the Rez-V


One bottle Carbolin 19, the Rez-V, then Carbolin 19 agian.

Sure Im sounding abit paranoid about how to take it but just want to make the results the best possible so I can rave about it and get more sales for you guys.


I prefer to use these supplements concurrently, but not because there's necessarily synergy between them, but rather because I want to get the effects of both at the same time.


The supplements are independent of each other. In any of these methods, the supplement is being used half the time. I would expect the benefit to be the same with any of these approaches.


Once again, Thank you.

I'll be using using them in the next two weeks. I will post up my results and add to the collective knowledge of T-Nation.



So I dont have to start a new thread and since two smart guys are contributing to the info, I was wondering whats better to preserve muscle during a diet, bcaa's or leucine on its own?


If there's a limitation -- something short of extreme -- on either dollar or gram amount used, leucine will be the more efficient choice.

There really is not sufficient basis or anything to like it to make a close analysis on where BCAA's are more and where they are less efficient -- just comparing BCAA's to themselves -- as a function of diet. I would guess that BCAA's are more valuable the lower that total protein intake is. Leucine can be valuable regardless of high daily protein intake.

The way I would plan it is, use leucine first and then if wishing to take more total than this, add in BCAA's. But one can do very well simply leaving it at the leucine. I would have more interest in adding in the BCAA's in a lower-protein (due to low calories) situation than in a high protein situation.


Mr octurbo - I've got to ask, where did you get the Carbolin 19, as the Biotest store has been out of stock for quite some time.


Welcome to the land that is Australia. I'm sure we have a stash that no one knows about.


Just to keep everyone upto date.

Iv started to take 3 Carbolin 19 caps a day, which is 60mg of forskolin.

The study which Biotest shows, the subjects used only 50mg per day, so I hope to get the same results.

So Im taking one cap in the morning with 44mg of zinc, (about 10-15minutes apart)

one cap 6 hours later and one cap before training. (or befor bed if I forget).

All on empty stomach. After the bottles run out Ill report back with results.

Thanks again to Bill and Brian for the info.


Glad to be of help! :slight_smile: