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Carbolin 19 Heads Up For Canadians


Just to let you know, that some of my athletes have ordered Carbolin 19 from T-Nation and received it within 2 DAYS!!! That's a great service and should be of help to Canadians who were afraid of ordering Carbolin 19.


I've got it through the border here in Ontario...


Hey CT, can you give us a list of what Biotest supplements got through the border here in Canada/QC?


I got Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX through the border here in B.C


I live in kitchener ontario and i have seen HOT-ROX and Grow! protein in a health store.......:slightly_smiling: maybe its different if you were to order it rather than the store?


That answers most of my questions as i would be into ordering HOT-ROX and Grow!.


Any of you guys know how much it would be for shipping, customs, taxes and shit ordering like a couple bottles of RED KAT. Like how much extra do you end up paying, and are there cheaper sources?


I receive HOT-ROX, Grow!, Surge, Power Drive, and Grow! bars every month.

I have also received Alpha Male and Carbolin 19.

The only trouble I had with customs was ONCE with Alpha Male, because it has the word "testosterone booster" on the box ... stupid customs. But 99 times out of 100 it did go through.