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Carbolin 19 For An 18 Year Old?

Dietarily I eat well - veggies, anti-oxidants when I can, pre and post workout nutrition, lots of chicken breasts, almonds and milk. I take fish oil before bed.
Just curious if you think taking Carbolin 19 is a decent idea at my age. It looks like a good supplement, and it’s not a prohormone so I don’t think it’d mess with any of my developmental progress.
Just to be clear, I’m not looking for a quick fix, and i’m not expecting it to be a “miracle” supplement, part of me just wants to try it out.

Well, looking at my bottle here, it says those under 18 shouldn’t take it, so seems like your fine.

Sounds like you’re eating very well, and honestly, that will have much more of an impact on your bod.
But sounds like you have your priorities straight.

I say give it a go. I for one would be interested to see your results if you go about it and only make that ONE change. Keep the solid diet, training etc, and add the Carbolin 19.

But what are your Goals? In general and long term. Something you didnt state. You looking to add mass?? Cut fat?? Eating Big , moderate, small. Just curious.