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Carbolin 19 Experiences

Anybody use Carbolin 19. What do you think of it’s ability to promote losses in body fat. I just wondered cause i don’t wanta cut yet (wanna get to 170 for weight class)but I started bulking a while back by eating like shit and went to 14% bf. Now I eat good(like JB tells us). I can’t have a lot of bf gain cause of judo and mixed martial arts(more bf= more handles). Any Advice?

In my personal experience you can eat more when on Carbolin 19 and not gain BF. I think it actually helps me lean out a bit when I am on it.

Some people have said they’ve had a big increase in their appetite, but mine has been unaffected by it.

I tried a stack of Carbolin 19 / Alpha Male last spring and was VERY impressed with lbm gains. Gained weight, lost BF. I took the Alpha Male at 3 caps twice a day and Carbolin 19 1 cap twice a day.

I have been using Carbolin 19 for about a month now, and though I’ve increased my calorie intake, my BF has stayed about the same. My appetite increased, and so has my recovery to a point. I’m sure that as time goes on the effects will increase since I’ve only used it for a limited time.

Anyone experienced a LOSS of lbm that was gained on Carbolin 19 after they stopped taking it? I’m pretty sure the body comp changes are permanent…but it doesn’t hurt to check