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Carbolin 19 During a Cut?

Ok,this is a serious question and this seemed to be the best place to ask it so please keep the flaming to a minimum. To start out with I am 17, have been training seriously for a year and am currently beginning my first bulk. I weigh 148 at around 7% bodyfat.

I have no interest using steroids currently and I have not even used ZMA or any test boosters yet so I am not familiar with anything other than the concept of cycling and the effects and dangers of increased testosterone levels.

Now here is my question:
At the end of my bulk (I plan to bulk for about 6 to 8 months) would Carbolin 19 be a safe supplement to use AT MY AGE to maintain muscle mass when I begin to cut? Also, would it be useful during the bulk? Any additional advice is welcome. Keep in mind I am 17.

Yes. Honestly, though, you sound like you’re going to have a fairly easy time keeping BF% low during a bulk.

How tall are you?

How many calories are you going to consume during your bulk? How long are you going to wait to maintain weight after your bulk before you start cutting?

Have you read the article about Carbolin 19?

What are the effects and dangers of increased testosterone?

Since you are seventeen and still growing you probably shouldn’t take advice from anyone on this forum other than the people that helped create the supplement.

Haha, yeah, I read the article and it sounds great and said nothing about hormonal complications but it still seemed abit too good to be true to me so I thought I’d post, see if there was a Carbolin 19 club I had been unaware of.

I am 5’10.5 as of the summer and I plan on working my way up to around 4000 calories while lifting 3-4 times a week and later in the spring playing rugby three times a week. I guess the dangers of testosterone wasn’t what I meant, more I was trying to say that I wasn’t just some teenage jock who wanted to juice. But the questions still stand: would it do me any good? Would it interfere with my normal growth and functioning at my age?

Unless you put on a sizable chunk of fat (which, at 5’10" and being that active, I doubt), a cut will probably not be necessary.

And Carbolin 19 isn’t so much for test-boosting, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

I agree with Vash. You probably wont need to cut after you bulk up since you are young and dont look like someone who would gain too much fat.
In any case: Carbolin 19 alone is sold under the premise of being ideal for a clean bulk, not a cut. You would probably be better off trying HOT-ROX during a cut if you needed one. It works awesome by the way.

Haha, I think someone changed my topic. My actual question was whether it would be good during a bulk. Thanks guys though for answering my question. I might order some later on to help with the bulk.

Carbolin 19 is best used over a sustained period. This can get expensive for a 17 year old.
Are you taking SURGE? Creatine? If not, your $$$ may be better off spent here.

I would see how the bulk goes, and if you think you are gaining fat too fast, then consider it, but at 7% body fat and playing rugby and lifting, I think you’re going to have more trouble getting enough quality calories in. Read around this forum to learn about what to buy, cook and eat, good luck.