Carbolin 19 Dose: 2 Caps or 4?

I’m curious as to what results people have seen using 1 cap Carbolin 19 twice a day versus 2 caps twice a day.

I have only ever used 1 cap twice a day, had good results. Has anyone tried it both ways and can make a comment on the effectiveness of one dose versus the other?

When I first started taking Carbolin 19, I was taking the recommended 1 cap twice per day (separated by six hours).

But after a little tweaking, I have found that taking 2 caps before I train (which is first thing in the morning) and a single cap about 5 - 6 hours later is best.

Using the above protocol, I managed to lose about 5 pounds of fat and put on 6 pounds of muscle. Also, all my big lifts have gone up and stayed there. (P.S. Don’t neglect nutrition while using Carbolin 19. You can increase your gains that much more with a solid eating plan)

I did try taking 2 caps twice per day, but found that the slight advantage it granted didn’t warrant the extra cost.

Then again, this is just my personal experience. You must play and tweak and find out what works best for you.