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Carbolin 19 Dosage

I’ve been taking Carbolin 19 for the past 6 months straight and it is easily my favorite supplement. I have experienced fatloss and muscle gain while remaining 185lbs which is great for me as I compete in MMA. My question is this, I have been taking the max dose and wondering if I can drop down to 1 cap 2 times per day.

Is this still an effective dose for a 185lb male or should I stick to the 4 caps daily?
BTW: My only other supps are ZMA, a multi, fish oil and whey.

I believe you’ll still see positive effects from 2 capsules of Carbolin 19 per day since that’s what I’m currently using. Four capsules daily is better, though.

Good to hear. With Carbolin 19 it’s slow and steady wins the race. I’m happy with the effects so far and plan on it being a staple supp for sometime to come. As long as 2 caps is an effective dose I’m going to cut back to that for $$$ purposes.

I remember that time a bottle of Carbolin 19 was $19.99 . . . oh economy, is there nothing you won’t rape?

But srslycat, that stuff rocks.