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Carbolin 19 and Work Drug Tests?

if im taking Carbolin 19 and get piss tested for any drugs for a job will i fail the drug test?

im not sure what is looked for at job drug tests.

Nah, it’s a supplement.

They’re just testing to make sure you aren’t a back alley junkie.

thanks allot man.

so basically at job pee/ drug tests there arent looking for steroids or anything?

just mostly drugs like crack coke marijuana ? ahaha
arright thanks

Be careful, because some companies will terminate for ANY controlled substance. Including steroids.

When I used to have to take UAs I’d just list everything I was taking on the paperwork. I was worried about something showing a false positive.

Most companies screen for drugs like Cannabis. Even steroids won’t generally be tested for. What line of work are we talking?

Cannaboids/Opioids/Amphetamine Metabolites/Cocaine is all 99% of companies are going to test for. These test kits are mass produced are relatively cost efficient. Testing for anything more exotic costs $$$.

I work in the pharmaceutical industry, which has one of the more stringent testing protocols for employees, and even here things like steroids aren’t screened.

If Carbolin 19 is legal in your country of residence (USA?), you should be fine, unless you’re an olympic athlete or something.

I just can’t picture your potential employers facing you on the other side of a table with your screening result sheet…

“Sir, your interview went flawlessly and all your references checked out. However, your urine indicates that you’re a degenerate Carbolin 19-19 junkie and probably seeking employment here to get your next fix. GET OUT OF OUR SIGHT!!!” :slight_smile:

Schlumberger a huge oilfield service company tests for it, or at least they did the last time I was thinking of hiring out to them around 2 years ago. All pre-employments go to the local hospital and whizz in a cup.

I was shocked at everything they included in their test because most places just use the self testing bottle, with 2 black lines equaling positive.

I doubt they test for Carbolin 19, but again, I made no mistake to fill out the paperwork with everything I was taking during that time, or the previous month.