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Carbolin 19 and the 35+


Have any of you in the over 35 crowd had any use of Carbolin 19 for at least 12 weeks ??? How did it work for you ?? I'll be turning 35 this sunday, and I'm trying to come up with a new diet/workout/supplementation strategy. I don't plan on getting a ton more muscle really, but definitely want to drop some fat, look leaner and be in better physical condition. If I had to guess, I'm sitting around 23% BF. (So I know I have a ways to go before I even order Carbolin 19).. I guess my main goal is to be at around 220 (down from 250) in 6 months. Maybe a little more muscle added, better cardiovascular shape, and stronger. I know from past experience, I could make these goals happen in half the time, but I want to give myself more time, to be more acclimated on a heathier lifestyle, so after I reach my goals, I'll be more likely to keep myself in that shape. It just seems that this long term goal, it would make sense to incorporate Carbolin 19 in some way.


I'm 35 and used it for 4 weeks. It seemed to help a little with cutting down my abs for some reason, but that's just me.

I'm not sure if I would use it again.


I believe any potentially good supplement deserves a 12 week trial period. In your case, your results would be promising to me. You ought to hang in there with it if you can for another 8 weeks. I would.


I've been very happy with Carbolin 19 since I've gained muscle and lost fat during periods where my diet and training were less than optimal.

Granted, I'm not talking about MAG-10-like gains, but I estimate I put on approx 5 lbs muscle and lost 5 lbs of fat. Made a huge difference in my appearence.

I recommend sticking with it for at least 8 weeks, and don't afraid to eat while using it.


I have been incorporating Carbolin19 in My PCT (From a cycle of Superdrol) along with Methoxy7 and AlphaMale. I am still taking 40mg of Tamoxifen citrate. But I have been on PCT for two weeks and I have just two more to go. I made Tremendous gains on I made great gains while on SD but... even in my second week of PCT and using these Biotest suppliments I have still increased my bench press to 325. I went over 300 on my last day on superdrol.
Superdrol works extremley well. But I feel that Carbolin19,Methoxy7.and AlphaMale have kept the gains comming.
I also (now as a staple)use power drive and surge pre and post work out.It seems that I read on here somewhere that PowerDrive post workout helps with the CNS recovery.
Reguardless if it does or not ...I aint about to change anything up now still gaining too fast to change anything
I am 38 yrs old
Also as inexpensive as ZMA is and the sleep it gives it should also be included in everyones suppliment cabinet.
I have been lifting since april and I have gained from 160pounds up to 200 as of this morning


Your a regular ol' pill popping science factory!


I've got 4 bottles of SD but am waiting to get to 180+ first. 10 lbs to go.


Hey just doing whatever I can to maintain the gains.
A cycle of anything is only as succesfull as what you keep.


So, you guys that have had good results so far, is that with the full dose all the time, or half-dose ??


since it seems to help lose BF even when you're not trying to, does it seem to have a synergistic effect while taking HOT-ROX??


I've only used it for 4 weeks and its affects are subtle. First, it did seem to increase my appetite. Second, I had more energy, not in a caffiene way... I was just more "awake". I'm assuming my recovery time was reduced too.


I noticed alot more energy on an 8 week cycle. took it right before a workout.

I'd say it is about 3/4 as effective as MAG-10 for me.