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Carbolin 19 and Rehab?

Hi all,

I have been looking for specific Carbolin 19 info but have found very little.  About 12mnths ago I used Carbolin 19 for a very short period.  I found it very effective and decided I didnt need it and I didnt know enough about it.  I have included the details after my questions.

about 4wks ago I broke the tibia and fibula in my left leg. I had a rod placed inside my tibia and it is a horizontal fracture so I have no cast and I am able to put some weight through it. I want to recuperate to be able to ski in Jan, and thought Carbolin 19 would be good to prevent/redress some of my muscle atrophy.

So my questions relate to the following:

I am confused about what action (if any) the ethyl ester has, when comparing the compound to pure colforsin?
Are the pharmacological actions the same in both compounds?

As I understand colforsin has antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties, are these mirrored in Carbolin 19?

I am currently still recovering from post op swelling and bruising as well as stiff joints. does anyone know what the likely effects that Carbolin 19 will have on this?

Are there any studies which relate to bone density and colforsin? the fracture has a 4-6month heal time and I do not want to take anything that will impact negatively on bone density.

can anyone recommend any thing/diet/supp/exercises that specifically assist with increasing bone density? As I understand Ca supps will only help if you are Ca deficient, otherwise they may lead to localized calcium deposits.

Oh, and out of curiosity (not that it matters…for me) would Carbolin 19 show up in any doping tests? I thought it may pick up testosterone levels but I really dont know anything about this.

From above, details relating to my previous Carbolin 19 use:

I was doing martial arts training (maybe 10hrs/wk average, mix of sparing, cardio and tech)and I thought it would give me a boost. I was using a good quality blended protien mix for post workout and that was as far as I went with supplements.

Prior to using Carbolin 19 I was consistently cutting about 1/2lbs /wk (at the time 206lbs, 6’2", 22yo). Not sure what fat% I was at but I had respectable cardio fitness and reasonable strength, although I hadnt done any lifting in a about 12mnths. After beginning Carbolin 19 I dropped just over 2lbs in 1wk and was shocked so I stopped using it. My composition changed and lean muscle mass increased and fat dripped off.

I am a little surprised that I dropped so much weight after reading others results. Despite the training I had put in previously I was having trouble making any improvement even while training really hard. The Carbolin 19 really tipped me over the edge. I doubt whether it would have been possible for me to loose fat as quickly as I initially did but I decided I didnt need something that made such an acute impact.

I realize my results may have been out of the ordinary and I dont really want to argue with anyone about it. If you are interested in other details Ill try and answer them.