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Carbolin 19 and Gaining Mass?

 Okay, so I'm a 20 year old college student weighing in around 195.  I'm currently on Advanced GVT and I'm either going to switch to one of Tate's programs or one of Polliquin's Russian Peaking Programs.  However, I'm starting MMA training again in about a month, so we'll see.

 That said, I'm taking in an f-load of calories in order to try and bulk up.  My goal is to be somewhere around 215.  I read the article on Carbolin 19 recently and I was wondering if this would help or hurt my goal?  
 If it helps with strength gains, endurance, and an overall positive mindset it seems like it would be the perfect recipe to assist in size gains.  The more weight I can hold on my body (squats, deadlifts, etc) the more mass I'll put on.  But, it supposedly leads to fat loss as well, and I don't want to shed a single pound.  What do yall think?



Well, I dont have any advice whether to take it or not. But, about your last comment:

It may help, considering you'd rather be 215 at 10% body fat than 215 at 15%.

Just a thought.