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Carbolin 19 and Canada


I'm not sure if an answer to my question has been posted or not but i'm wondering if there are any problems ordering Carbolin 19 while I'm in Canada. Any other Canadians on here have problems ordering?


I ordered some from SNDCanada dot com.

A little more money but I did not want to chance customs taking away my stuff. I have heard that Alberta customs are the worst for that kind of thing and that is where I live as well.


I ordered some from T-Nation and had no problem. I live in BC though and I've heard a LOT of horror stories about Alberta customs, so maybe SND would be best. Theyre a reputable source for us Canadians to get our Biotest fix. Hope that helps!


I live in Ontario and have never had any problem getting Carbolin 19, or any other Biotest supplement.