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Carbolin 19 + Alpha Male


Is this a good combo for gaining lean muscle while trying to lose a few lbs??


I have found that taking both made me gain weight, but look leaner. Hell, I'm up to 250-260 and people keep telling me that "You have lost a lot of weight!" and I tell them I put on thirty.

I'm not sure either product is a 'weight loss" product. I've noticed a lot of other nice side effects (Libido), but the combo might not be right for weight loss, but probably excellent for leaning out.


Hell fucking yeah. You will like what the Carbolin 19 will do for you.


I asked Cy in the Carbolin 19 thread if RED KAT and Carbolin 19 can be taken together and he said no because of the Sclaremax. I dont know if Alpha Male would be considered the same since it contains less of the RED KAT formula than what the RED KAT only supplement has.


I was looking for this on the thread but couldn't find it quickly -- do you remember why he said not to take RED KAT with Carbolin 19 (as in the harm, or the adverse interaction)?


PGA200X wrote:
Cy, what is the dosage recommendation dependent on, weight? Also, can it be used in conjunction with RED KAT?



The dosage recommendation is independent of weight or body surface area.

Carbolin 19 should not be used with RED KAT as it contains Sclaremax which may have vasodilatory effects, just as Carbolin 19.

Hope that helps.


You're fine using Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male together. Alpha Male doesn't contain the Sclaremax that RED KAT does, just the Eurycoma longifolia.


awesome! thanx for the responses. Yeah I just started back on Ian King's get buffed book..I did the workouts 2 years ago with some of his others of T-Nation back when it was T-Mag, but i wasn't using any supplements. Hopefully this time I will see different results. Thanks again!


I bought a bottle of RED KAT on a whim because its only 20 bucks, just out of curiosity has anyone on this thread used it? What were the results? I really want to try Carbolin 19 since it sounds like the people on here are getting good results.


Dam, I would have to imagine that a good, solid 2 bottle each of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 nonstop cycle plus some serious eating and lifting would put some muscle on ya


Yes, it does.


How would you properly dose these?


As per the label of both.


Not according to Cy, for Alpha Male. Fine to take every day.


i like adding Methoxy-7 to the stack. sick results. I recommend this stack to anyone who wants rapid gains. laters pk