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Carbolin 19 $29.99


How long is this sale going to last for?!?!?!


Typically if they lower a price it doesn't go back up. At least I've never seem them raise a price. Also- once they lower it, there is a good chance they are in the process of phasing it out for something new or at least a revamped formulation. If they do roll out something newer then the price could go up.


I remember a few weeks ago the Grow! dropping in price for about 12 hours, then going back to regular price. Just curious if it was one of those sales.

Hell they got me to bite and Ill pick up a few.


hmmm. . . interesting. This happened to Spike a few weeks ago, month maybe. I hope they're not phasing these out. I love Spike, but haven't tried Carbolin 19. Eh well, the lower price is cool though.



Carbolin 19 is worth it for the mood elevation alone. The muscle building part is a nice bonus :wink:


Guys, we're definitely not phasing it out.


I just order some with TRIBEX, cant wait. Im going to do OVT, EDT or Rest Pasue in a week and a half. IM coming off a modified version of 1 Lift a day with some fairly impressive strength gains.

Well, dealing with my original question, is this the new low price or will it go back up? Thanks


Thanks for that answer, TC. I know a lot of people (including myself) like to use Carbolin 19 while cycling off Alpha Male.

Oh, and thanks for the price drop too. T-Nation rocks and it is stuff like this that makes me keep placing orders.


They probably lowered it since they came out with the new Alpha Male that already has a serving of Carbolin 19 in it.


Yeah, that's my guess.


I just suggested that as a possibility, but not phasing it entirely just maybe this specific formulation. Similar to the recent Alpha Male update.


Hot damn, I hope this price lasts until pay day!


God Damn! I Don't get paid till Friday! Please have this sale going till then! Flameouts back in stock, Surge is available, and Carbolin 19 for 29.99. PLEASE, PLEASE! last through the weekend. I really need these supps. I've been waiting ALONG time. Come on T-Nation come through. Put some on hold for me.


Damn, when did Biotest add crack to their supplements? JK


I'm 18, 19 in a few months, currently I'm taking protein creatin and glutamine, but I do cycle my creatine and glutamine. I've been trainin seriously (the T-Nation way for about a year and a half). So my Question is, is Carbolin 19 something I should look into or should I wait?