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I’ve started adding carbs back into my diet after trying EVERY low carb diet, getting little results on any of them. Now I’m at 50%prot, 25%fat and 25%carbs and I’ve lost more fat in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last several months on the low carb diets(which I did correctly, by the way) I also lost sexual function w/ the low carbs and its starting to return, and I’m only 21. What I wanna know is, what is it about carbs or lack of that would inhibit fat loss for me and that would prevent me from fuctioning sexually?

Its probably not the answer you’re looking for, but your body just happens to work better when you’ve got some carbs in you. Just like some people grow fastest on 4-6 reps and others on 8-12, no diet or routine is going to work for all people. I’m on a low carb diet (less than 30 grams a day, usually close to 0 grams a day) and the fat’s melting off of me. I strated at 6’ 2" - 220 lbs, and after 4 weeks am down to 208 with no apparent loss in muscle size, and even some strength gains in some of my lifts. Thanks to my genetics, my body just happens to respond well to a high protien, high fat diet. I’ve never experienced the problems others who have tried this diet experienced, i.e. fatigue, erectile problems, constipation, an over all sense of feeling gross from eating so much fat.

So I don’t think there’s anything magical about the inclusion of more carbs. You just happened to hit upon your own body’s need for more carbs.

Hey eag, how do you maintain such a low carb diet? How many calories do you eat per day, couldn’t be that many if you get 0-30 carbs per day. You must eat just Protein and Fat the whole day.

Yeah - I’m the same. I tried some low carb diets and all I got from it is fatigue and crappy workouts. And yes - I also lost a lot more fat getting back on the carbs. About the erectile problem - I can’t remember the specifics, but I know it’s a fairly common complaint with low carbs. Something about hormone regulation or something. It’s in the T-Mag previous issues ‘somewhere’.