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Alright… something has been really bothering me for the past few days. I have a friend who sticks to a strict low carb diet, while the other doesn’t give a damn about carbs! Both are dedicated to bodybuilding. So my question is what should the proper intake of Carbs be… for a guy like me !

Height 5ft 11 inches
Weight 170 lb’ish

I try to do resistance training for at least 4 days a week… sometimes shoots up to 5 and occasionally 6 !

Thanks a lot !

I dono. were you fat before… do you have a history of diabeties, or have a family memeber with it…

Where are you from?

If you are so scared of Carbs, you can do the anabolic diet which is pretty much a mix of what your friends are doing.

LOW CARB all the time, EXCEPT around the workout period, when most of the carbs will be used for recovery.

And why are you worried? you are flipping tall, and flipping light.

Try experimenting.

Why don’t you just experiment and find what works best for you as opposed to having someone telling you what to do?

Take a look at the photo you posted. See the stuff on the left side? Eat as much of that as you want. Slowly add in the stuff on the right (as in 1-2 meals per day, preferably around training time) and see if your body is responding the way you want it to. Adjust as necessary.

I can promise you that someone who tells you they know exactly how many carbs you should take in are lunatics and probably want your money.

This is highly individual, just like anything else. Experiment.

I’d probably take in 37.6 carbs a day, give or take .2 carbs either way. That’ll be $34.99.

As GS said before, just experiment. My body wasn’t responding very well to the continuing VLCD I was giving it and started to feel the effects so I started eating around maintanence cals and tried a few different things. Eating carbs strictly in the morning and after workouts caused me to gain a little fat while eating around 30 carbs a day with 1 carb up day at maint cals caused to stay the same weight.

I don’t respond well to carbs period besides post-workout for longer durations of time right now. That’s just me, but I did have to experiment to find out. Thibs and a few others have mentioned that you have to “earn” your ability to eat carbs once you’ve stayed lean for awhile. This does not mean I’m going to go into a frenzy of carbs after I solidify a lean physique blindly following an article. I’ll experiment again, maybe they’ll be right for me, maybe not.

Just try things out for a little awhile and see how it goes, only way to tell.

That’ll be another $34.99

Okay, I shall try experimenting … What do Carbs actually do in your metabolism ?
I mean is it good post/pre workout ?

carbs are best taken in first thing in the morning and then post workout.


(i’m one too)


[quote]slaveofhades wrote:
Okay, I shall try experimenting … What do Carbs actually do in your metabolism ?
I mean is it good post/pre workout ? [/quote]

You’re basically asking us to give you an entire education on nutrition. There are thousands of articles available both at this site and elsewhere that you should probably read and familiarize yourself with before you worry exactly how many carbs you are taking in. It’s sort of like worrying about what color of dice to hang from your rearview mirror before you even own a car.