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Carbohydrate Tolerance?

I read this article, and it intrigued me.


I was thinking of giving this a go, but was wondering if on “Very Low carb days”, which are supposed to be 10-20g of carbs, would it be all right if i had 2-3 protein shakes made with whole milk. Each shake will have 12 g of carbs so that would put me over right there?

But one of the shakes would be first thing in the morning, and likely the other two would be pre and post workout?

Milk is not appropriate on any low carb diet. The sugar in it causes your insulin to spike, even in low amounts. You do not want these spikes. Just make them with water. If you’re on a strict fat loss plan you likely won’t want the extra calories anyway.

And besides that- three protein shakes with whole milk will pretty much make up most of your daily intake. Why are you drinking 75% of your calories each day? Not much TEF there…

I was under the imprecision that whole milk was good for you. Even when trying to get cut.

Thanks though, I had a feeling the sugar in it might be a bad idea.

On the very low carb day, i’ll go to meat and vegetables only, and maybe a shake made in water. After that as the week progresses and the carbs go up, i’ll add in more regular shakes.

Milk is good for you but you are following a low carb plan. Shit fruit is good for you too but you can’t have it on a low carb plan. Either follow the plan or don’t follow the plan. Don’t half ass it.