Carbohydrate intake(?)

I have recently, in addition to my regular (4x a week [chest/tri, back/bi, legs, shoulders]) weight training routine, began a serious increase in my cardiovascular routine. Where as before I ran 3-4 times a week(avg. 30-50min.), I now am running for a local club, where I train 5 times per week (1-1.5hrs/session), in addition to weights. After 3 or 4 weeks, I felt sluggish, and was not running as well as I knew I could, so I upped my carb intake from aprox. 175-200g/day to around 350 grams/day. However, I have neither lost fat nor lean mass/muscle. At 12.5% bf, I was hoping to get myself into a more respectable sub 10%range, and thought the increased exercise would create a caloric deficit to do just that–however, this has not happened… Am I eating too many carbs? I am obvioulsly eating too many calories, but i don’t know what macronutrient ratios I should be taking in to maximize running performance while minimizing muscle loss. I primarily was hoping for any advice on 1.what sort of macronutrient ratios I should be consuming (and when), and 2.should I adapt a particular weight training approach in light of this increased cardiovascular training. (I know this might seem like the type of question for the Runner’s club S&C web board, but please believe me when I say that I am a bodybuilder as much or more than I am a runner–I am the oddball, 190lb. muscle-head runner surrounded by 160lb, 6’1", lanksters) THANKS-