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Carbo source after training, in food form...

Please only answer this question if you know for sure. What are the best foods to eat after a workout, carbohydrate wise? I am a little confused about the whole glucose, fructose, insulin spike shiz… A simple answer will do, gracias amigos.

Are you taking a whey protein shake post workout?? If not you would benefit from it immensely. For carbs I highly recommend going to a brewery/wine place and buying maltodextrin super cheap and you just throw it in with your protein post workout and it absorbs super quick. You could also go and buy surge but its crazily pricey.Peace

Strictly carbohydrate wise? Simple answer?
Check the bulk section of the grocery store as “corn dextrose” cheap cheap…

I mix 3 scoops of Gatorade with my protein powder immediately after a workout. This yields 100g of simple carbs (with the added electrolytes, sodium and potassium already in the Gatorade) with 50g of whey protein.

Maltodextrin/dextrose with whey. You can find the malto/dextrose mix in the brewers section of supermarkets - very cheap.

I second the gatoraid/whey combo…Then for my next meal i have 3/4 of a tub of ff cottage cheese and 1 cup smart start …good stuff.

MassNutition. Slap on the hand for you, for being a big commercialised bum. Gatorade is
A) overpriced
B) surcose based (in NZ anyway it may even be HFCS in other parts of the world).
you want a high glycemic reponse. glucose and malto etc provide this much more effectively. so why not use them? the electrolytes are not hard to come by and not overly important postworkout (for us gym buffs). however salt can alway be thrown into the mix as it may help with uptake of certain nutients.
At best i would used a bit of gatorade (like 10g worth) for flavouring and the rest, glucose.