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Two questions guys

My diet is pretty simple: conditioning in the morning, fats and protein only during the day, strength training in the evening, and then a big load of carbs at night
My training is oriented towards strength and to a lesser extent conditioning, my goal is to become a firefighter. Deads and squats for doubles, higher volume assistance work, the usual. Conditioning can be burpees, wrestling, wall balls, whatever.
20 years old, 207lbs.

At the moment, I'm looking to lose some extra fat I've built up over the two years while focusing on the big lifts to the exclusion of any conditioning work, and I want to continue putting on muscle and gaining strength (unique, I know)

-Is it okay for me to go into my workout with basically zero carbs in my system, or should I have a little?
-Is it counterproductive to be doing my conditioning work in the morning (100 burpees for time and the like) without having consumed any carbs since the night before, and then going several hours without carbs thereafter?


You’re good brother. If you’re worried about catabolism, just ingest some protein before and/or after the morning conditioning the workout. If you carbed up sufficiently the night before you should have the energy to get through your workouts.