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carbing up

ALA is supposed to help carb utilization so it’s perfect for carbing up, right? So my question is should I use more than 300mg per day if I’m doing the carb up recommended in Bodyopus. Also, Duchaine talks a lot about vanadyl sulfate and chromium, but as far as I knew these products are pretty much a waste of money from what I’ve seen. Any thoughts?

If I remember correctly Lyle Mcdonald reccomended 600mg ALA/dy when carbing up on CKD’s. I think he said the best way to do this was to split it up into 200mg servings three times/dy.
I think even Duchaine mentioned later on after bodyopus came out that Vanadyl sulfate and cromium didn’t work very well for the intended purpose. I also think he suggested using ALA after the carb up to speed up the decent into ketosis. I’ve done this when on CKD’s and it seems to work.