Carb/Whey/BCAA Recovery Question

In an article by Mr. Berardi, he says that 0.8g/kg bodyweight of carbs (dextrose and maltodextrin) with 0.4g/kilo whey hydrosolate with some BCAAs is optimal for recovery.

I’m trying to duplicate this as best I can, but can only use dextrose and a whey protein blend of whey concentrate and isolate, which I know is much slower digesting. No BCAAs either, but this is not a concern for me.

With the type of protein I have, how long before taking the dextrose after lifting should I take the protein to achieve the maximum insulin responce?

I am cutting right now, I know a lot of you will tell me that I shouldn’t take the carbs at all, but for me a faster recovery is more important, I adjust my cardio accordingly to compensate for the carbs. At the moment I lift and then do 30 min cardio after.

Should I take the protein after lifting but before cardio, so by the time I take the carbs the protein will have started to digest? or should I take the protein before I lift? or maybe I should take protein before lifting and after with the carbs? or should I just continue to take them together after lifting? I’m lost, please help!

take the protein ands carbs together.

i would consider taking a third to half of the mix an hour before the workout and the rest as soon as you can after you finish your cardio.

don’t worry about the carbs in the drink, just keep you carb intake for the rest of the day controlled and from the slower digesting, micronutrient loaded sources: wild oats, quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, yams, and fruits.

if you are going low carb, you can go with just the workout shakes and fruits. on top of this plenty of veggies, animal protein and healthy fats and you are golden.