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Carb Up/Re Feed Q


Ive read alot of different of theorys & calculations on refeeds & carbing up for an event - alot of people keep it & shit load, some say it doesnt matter just go high carb, high protein, low fat, others say "50g on the hour, every hour" & ive read Lyle McDonalds work too - my Q is, what happens to the excess carbs?


You're not going to get it exact if it's your first time. I have yet to do a shitload, but from what I learned from reading about many people who did. You got to start with something like 700-800 depending on your size. Some have to go up to even around 1000.

Just really depends on your size and how flat you feel you are. Head over to www.intensemuscle.com use the search function you got alot of experienced people who do that kind of shit all the time.