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Carb-Up meal or 1/2 day

I’ve been dieting at about 1700 calories for several days now with Mag-10 and things are going pretty well. My carbs have been under 100 each day. However, I’m starting to feel pretty drained and I have a midterm tomorrow for which I’d like to be able to concentrate. I’m thinking that a short term carb-up might not be a bad idea just to get my brain a little glucose and to give my chest/back workout tomorrow a jolt. It would only be the first one or two meals of the day (plus carbs in my afternoon Surge). Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations in this regard? Is carbing up overrated? I’m have no objections to continuing to keep them low.

Depends how much you’re willing to let your diet interfere with your academic success? One refeed day is going to be beneficial as opposed to harmful, regardless of the situation.

I don’t think that a carb up would do anything but help. You are definately not going to ruin your progress by eating an extra 100g of carbs or so that day. Go for it. If it does not help, don’t do it next time. I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience with real low cal diets combined with low carb, so this is just a guess for the most part, but your logic does make sense. Even if it doesn’t help with the test, you’ll probably have a better workout.

By all means, do so, and keep those grades up! You have a whole lifetime to get your body in shape. When you get your sheepskin, and a good job, then you’ll be set! A temporary carb-up will not hurt your progress in the long run.

I wound up holding off on it after all. The test is in an hour, and I’m feeling fine. I’ve taken tests on low-carbs before, so I’ll pull it off (I got a 94 on a Motor Development test on Day 2 already). Still, I might throw in the carb tomorrow before I train legs. Thanks for the advice, fellas. Wish me luck.

Piece of cake (no pun intended). I finished in 25 minutes. Anymore suggestions would still be appreciated, though. Thanks.

Are thinking of doing a bodybuilduing show??? Why are your carbs so low when you need to crave it… Thats not a great diet that you are on if you need to up the carb in take if you need it to study… How much do you wheigh? Your calorie intake also seems to low too…

I weigh about 150 and when I was doing a bodybuilding show I would eat about 2,000-3,000 calories with about 150g - 200 a day.

Have some oatmael and eggs or a potein shake for breakfast and take some Power Drive before the test. Won’t blow your diet and works great for me.