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Carb up Gains During Keto Diet


When a person is finished with the CKD( little to no carbs, refeeds or carb ups once every week to two weeks) diet, is the weight they gain from the carb ups your real weight or size? If I carb up and gain 5-10lbs in glycogen and water, should my weight and measurements go up, and stay up when the diet is done and i'm eating carbs again??


I have to imagine you are going to gain some water weight from the introduction of more carbohydrates to your diet, but I doubt you will be 10 lbs heavier with significantly increased measurements.


you have to be a little careful, because your body has been taught to store all the carbs it can.
So my suggestion is to read up the Atkins OWL carb reintroduction ladder and go from there.
basically -> start more veg, then thin skin fruit, then gluten free stuff like quinoa, rice etc.


I've done this a billion times

it depends on how long to take in the carbs. If you carb load for a few days, your weight will nearly always spike and then drop even if you continue to eat moderate carbs

My preference, and what is advised a lot, is to end the dieting period with a full body workout. Then carb load like crazy for at least a day (low fat mind you).

example of my last carb up:

starting 184.5

day 1 (huge carb intake)
weight 197 (+13lb) in evening 24hr after start
day 2 moderate intake (>300g) bw 194
day 3-4 moderate intake moving to maintenance

day 4 morning down to 191 and stay at this weight.

so about a 6-7 pound difference for me carb loaded vs. moderately depleted and dieting

Extended low carb dieting or depletion work while not providing sufficient carbs will eventually lead to decreased glycogen concentrations.

When your glycogen stores are low, there is a nice physiological trick. Carb intake is going to go right to refilling muscle and liver glycogen and also do a ton of good stuff for your hormones and metabolism. I also load l-glycine and creatine during this period.

When you load the carbs, you get about 3g of water for every 1g of carbs. Avg weight trainer might hold 16g carbs/kgbw in glycogen stores. That's like >1300g for me. Way more for huge guys, especially with impressive sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. So it's no surprise that there is a huge weight fluctuation. I think it's basically lean mass. Bloating sucks,but it goes away and doesn't even happen if you carb load right.

You end up looking fuller and bigger and physically more impressive. Plus positive hormonal effects that only carb intake can trigger, ending catabolism, and making you stronger by purely biomechanical means. No reason not to do it imo.


When you say 'low-fat'. How strict is that guideline? Is it 'no added fat' or is it a macro percentage (i.e. <20%)


I think percents are somewhat useless since that isn't how the body functions anyway.

The recommendation I have seen for a one day carb ups is around 50-70g.

The concern of fat gain isn't just a result of the excess calories going to fat. The difference between 50g fat and 150g (which is a shitload of fat when you are eating a ton of carbs) is still going to be less than 1/4 a pound of fat gained even if it all went to fat, and that's a big assumption to make anyway.

The main issues is going to be that the fat intake blunts the insulin response which makes you feel better but could potentially interfere with maximizing glycogen super-compensation in the muscles. Which means that some of the carbs could go to fat as well, or at the very least aren't being used optimally. It also makes you less hungry.


After ending my CKD diets I can gain up to .5-.75 of an inch on my arms, and it is much closer to their original size. I prefer to go straight from the CKD to carb cycling to a maintenance, I have found that works much better for me.