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carb-up for female BFL'er?

My wife is doing the BFL Challenge (hey, it got her ass in the gym!). I’ve got her on a keto diet using MD6, Methoxy, T2 Pro, and ZMA. She lifts 4x/week, doing 3 week bursts of melt-down. She adds muscle easily. I was wondering if I should have her carb up for her ‘after’ pictures to make her muscles look fuller, or if the judges prefer the “Survivor” look. None of the past female winners are very muscular.

I wish people would quit apologizing for doing body for life. if you win money good for you. damn.

Make sure to practice the carb up before you do it for the first time at picture time. It is not as easy as you might think. If you’ve done it before, go for it, but don’t do it your first time because it could backfire around picture time.

Well, Ko is still going to do the BFL Challenge. I’m still in “consideration” mode: since the time I first considered doing it, I have been eating, eating and eating to gain a bit more BF. During this time, I have been performing the 5x5 routine - and well, being the great routine that it is, I’ve made some gains. What I’m saying is that yes, I too, have a problem with past female champions not being that muscular. BUT, all the competitors/champions physiques vary - no preference to the “survivor” look nor “muscular”.

As for your wife, if she is on a low-carb diet and does look "flat" at that time, then a li'l dose of carbs may help. However, keep in mind, photos add 10-pounds. So, a little bit of carbs for "cosmetic" purposes can go a long way.

But, cool that your wife is doing this!

Yeah, I’ll definitely have her do a practice run, using the MacDonald book for guidance. Sounds like Surge would be great for carb ups.

BTW, if you start the Challenge in June, you get coupons for $250 of EAS supplements when you finish. Myoplex doesn’t compare to Grow!, but their Precision Protein is pretty good for a straight whey - I’d take $250 worth of it for free.