Carb-Up Days On Cutting Diet

Beginning CT’s Physique Transformation diet, and have two questions about the carb-reload days. I (stupidly) have not included carb-reload days in my diets before, believing lower carbs are best all the time.

  1. What’s the p/f breakdown on such a day? Should the non-carb calories still be split the same as normal days or should I be going low fat?
  2. Total Calories ingested: Keep the same total calories, or am I merely adding carbs on top of my normal daily diet?

Thanks anyone who can answer.

This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest free diet programmes ever posted. One of the reasons it deserves such applause is it really leaves no guesswork. You should be able to deduce from it what is required during carb reload days based on body composition and goals.

I had success following the programme myself. I would say that, consistent with any CKD programme, the secret is not to use carb days to go wild and turn it in to a food fest where anything, and everything, goes. I have experienced this many times on such diets where I have been literally unable to control myself and have gorged on thousands of calories worth of junk in a few hours alone.

You are best keeping fat content low and use quality carbs for the reload. My favourite was porridge oats (oatmeal) made with skimmed milk, with plenty of Splenda and blueberries, or spaghetti with minced chicken breast and low-fat pasta sauce and cheese.

Similar to CT’s recommendation, I would limit myself perhaps to one genuine cheat meal during this day. So at night I may have a chinese meal, etc, and maybe some chocolate or a muffin or two, then it’s time to stop.

Hope this helps. Key message - self-control. Hard after rock bottom carbs and calories but needs to be done.

One thing that article misses that i think is pretty huge is calculating caloric intake and how to adjust it as the diet progresses.