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Carb up day question?

Keep it short and to the piont, I just switched my 1st meal of the day to a P+C, and this only occurs on selective days. Tommarow i will be refeding, and my refeed goes from about 12-6.

Should i refrain from a P+C breakfast, and go P+F, cause it is higly likely that i don’t get much fat in throughout the day?

No, just go with the P/C meal as planned. The fact that you are not getting much fat throughout the day is not a big deal.


Just to add to what Joel says
You want to minimize fat intake on a refeed or carb-up day

thus, always attempt to eat P+C; limit fat.


Why is it important to minimize fat intake all day of a refeed day? For instance, I usually eat 1 or 2 protein fat meals (w/ 1 or 2 tbsp of flax oil each) after my 8 hour refeed, but I wait at least 3 hours after my last protein carb meal for the insulin levels to go down. Is there a problem with this?