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Carb Timing

I have a question about when to get my carbs in. I am trying to bulk and am taking in about 225/day.
I know that i should get a large majority of them post workout, but i have also read that they are really important first thing in the morning after sleep.
I follow JB’s eating guidelines and I work from 8-4 and then workout after that, so i have a hard time getting all my fat in if i don’t eat some at breakfast.
Should i try to get some morning carbs in at the expense of my post workout carbs? what do some of you think?

Get low GI carbs in the a.m. like oatmeal. I’d say eat P + F meals leading up to your workout, then get in a good amount of carbs during and immediately after workouts (like Surge). Then 60-90 minutes later go back to low GI carbs. Since you are in a bulk phase, it may be a good idea to have another P + C meal 2-3 hours after that…depending on how well you handle carbs (i.e. if this meal is contributing to more fat gain than you’d like, make it another P + F meal). And once again, since you are bulking, you’ll need to consume a large amount of cals, so finish w/ a P + F meal before bed. Cottage cheese and natural PB or somin’ like that should do the trick.

Hope this helps,


225 g Carbs seems awfully low for a bulk.